Meet Maxine

Animal ID 40454318
Species Dog
Looks like Retriever, Labrador, Mix
Age 4 years, 4 months
Gender Female
Weight 67 pounds
Color Black
Spayed/Neutered Pending
Location Foster

I've made a lot of friends here at the shelter! Here's what they have to say about me:
· I'm a staff favorite and anyone at the shelter would love to tell you how amazing I am
· I love learning new things, playing with stuffy toys, and napping next to my people!
· My foster parent says I am "affectionate, smart, and playful!"
· Check out my most recent video for more things my adoring fans had to say about me! I have quite a fan club.
· My friends at the shelter want to help set me up for success, If you would like to learn how to help me thrive ask my friends at the shelter
· My adoption fee is paid for by a loving sponsor!

Not all the details about a pet's adoption needs are listed here. We cover all medical and behavior information when you visit us during our walk-in hours, no appointment needed, or during a phone advising when you fill out a Pre-Adoption Questionnaire online.