Foster Parent Spotlight

Our Foster Care Team is launching a new Foster Parent Spotlight series where they highlight some of the incredible humans that are a part of our extended Seattle Humane family and that care for our animals outside of the shelter.

Evelyn Barron-Roemer: June 2021

The Foster Program is pleased to recognize Evelyn Barron-Roemer as our Foster Parent Spotlight for June 2021. Evelyn has a special place in many hearts at Seattle Humane for her long-term dedication to volunteering. Evelyn provides excellent care to the many complex medical cases she fosters. She is patient, compassionate, and has a great sense of humor. In the past 9 years, Evelyn has fostered 137 animals including cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies! However, her work at Seattle Humane isn’t limited to fostering. Evelyn started out as a cat care volunteer and now volunteers for our Lifesaver Program transporting animals to and from Seattle Humane. You can catch her riding shotgun in the truck feeding bottle babies, loading up crates of animals from disaster relief transfers, or processing intake assessments.

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Erika Walker: May 2021

Congratulations to our May 2021 Foster Parent of the Month, Erika Walker! As a Seattle Humane foster parent for close to 5 years, Erika has fostered nearly 200 animals! She is an expert in working with kittens that require intensive care and often takes on our toughest kitten cases! Erika provides professional level care, keeps detailed notes, and approaches each foster kitten with an abundance of love. We enjoy working with Erika because she is kind, optimistic, and patient with the foster team. She’s no stranger to long vet appointments, yet she always meets the Foster team with a positive attitude and a smile.

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Patrick Kelleher: April 2021

We are delighted to acknowledge Patrick Kelleher as the Foster Parent of the Month for April 2021! Patrick has made an immense impact in the 11 months that he has been fostering adult dogs for Seattle Humane. Patrick has fostered three very special dogs with the help of his partner, Alicia. We are recognizing Patrick as FPOM for the unwavering compassion, patience and understanding he approaches each foster pet with. Patrick’s attitude and home setup makes him a perfect fit for our dogs that face behavioral challenges.

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Barry Scott: March 2021

First up is Barry Scott, who has fostered over 100 cats during the 13 years he has fostered with Seattle Humane with a specialty in working with fearful and behaviorally challenged cats. He is also a volunteer for our Pet Food Bank. 

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Barry and his beloved cat Tucker.

2 thoughts on “Foster Parent Spotlight

  1. Shout out to Patrick and Barry. What a wonderful way to honor these amazing foster homes! It was interesting to read about them and their fosters.
    Thanks to them and ALL the foster families and volunteers who make a difference in the lives of the animals that come to SHS.

  2. Hello Patrick, Alicia, & Barry,

    Thank you for all the hours of care and compassion you have given to the many dogs and cats you have taken into your homes. Fostering gives these animals a much needed break from the shelter environment. Additionally, the one on one attention can help settle the anxiety many shelter animals experience, which leads to a greater success with adoption. I can’t thank you enough for all the animals you have helped in their time of need. 🐕 ❤️ 🐈

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