Seattle Humane Stands with the Black Community

Seattle Humane supports and advocates for the safety of people and animals. We have witnessed the senseless loss of Black lives at the hands of law enforcement, and we raise our voices in solidarity with those protesting throughout our community. Black Lives Matter.

We are now looking inward at what we need to do to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive space at Seattle Humane for our staff, our volunteers and the public who seek our services.

We are thankful for the Pets For Life program (which seeks to repair the harmful effects of systemic racism and poverty) and local Seattle organizations who have helped us understand that, as an animal shelter, we can have a positive impact on so many communities if we do the work to be better. This movement will require all of us to listen, challenge, change, and act. We have much work to do in equitably serving our community, particularly Black community members. This commitment includes investing in our community outreach programs and lowering barriers to all services, while acknowledging and seeking to understand how animal shelters have and continue to perpetuate systemic racism.

We are committed to addressing the important diversity, equity and inclusion issues within our organization by endeavoring to better represent the communities we serve and reflect their values in everything we do.  This first post is the beginning of many steps on this journey. Our commitment to being an anti-racist organization will not undo generations of systemic racism or advance needed police reforms, but it will make us a stronger organization and a stronger voice in the community.

Over the next few weeks, our staff and board will develop an actionable plan to increase community listening, expand training and learning opportunities, examine our diversity, equity and inclusion recruiting for staff, the board, and volunteers, and foster much deeper engagement.

Paula C. Littlewood                         John Wenstrup
Interim CEO                                    Board Chair

4 thoughts on “Seattle Humane Stands with the Black Community

  1. I am so encouraged that Seattle Humane is helping low income pet owners so they can get treatment for their pets and keep them too! Not sure if you are helping the homeless in this way as well. I live in California and often the homeless in our community have beloved pets with them and because they fear having to relinquish them for treatment or need of food, they just try to get by to the pet’s detriment. Thanks for all your organization does and for the expanded services.

  2. This is ridiculous. You are an animal welfare group, not a social justice group. Stick to your mission statement. This woke stuff is just pandering. All lives matter.

  3. Thank you for making a statement for black lives. As you can see, when you make a stand for what is right, there is always those who are privileged that feel they must make ignorant remarks. Be blessed and again thank you for recognizing human rights for all humans.

  4. Thank you for your statement. We all must stand up against racism. Every organization. Every person. Everyday.

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