Happy Families Friday!

As some of you may know, Families Friday started out on our Facebook page where everyone got to share all of their happy adoption stories. We’ve received an overwhelming amount of great stories and wanted to be able to compile them all in one area for everyone to enjoy — so here you go! Read and enjoy all of our Families Friday stories weekly on our blog!

Thank you to all of the wonderful pet parents out there who have sent in their family story. If you have a great adoption story you want featured, email [email protected] or post to our Facebook page!

Liz (video): To those of you who thought only dogs did this, this is only a part of my daily “Greet and Groom” from my Ollivander (formally Pekoe) when I get home from work every day. We adopted him from Seattle Humane last Easter and are so incredibly grateful for everything you all do. Can’t wait to get home to this lovable guy every day!

Christine Rohaly
Kaia enjoying her new home!

Christine: Can’t thank you enough Seattle Humane for helping to bring this angel into my life! Kaia (formerly Judy) came to me at 9-weeks-old – she’s almost 13 weeks now and I honestly can’t imagine life without her snuggles and puppy kisses.
I want to thank the wonderful foster families at Seattle Humane, especially the one that housed my baby until she was old enough to come home with me.
Keep up the amazing work!

Terry: Romeo has made himself at home!

Romeo in the comfort of his new home.
Romeo in the comfort of his new home.


Erin and her two cuddle buddies!
Erin and her two cuddle buddies!

Erin: Exactly 1 year ago we adopted two brothers, then just 10 weeks old. Now they are a full grown, very vocal, bonded pair of lap cats. They made our little family complete!

Becca: After warming up rather quickly, big sister Nala is checking out brand new little sister Mango from the top of her “cracker chair.” Thank you, Seattle Humane, for helping us add to our little fur family twice in two years. You’re the best, and these are two happy fur babies!

Two fast friends!
Two fast friends, Nala and Mango!


Piper -- safety first!
Piper — safety first!

Tina: Thank you Seattle Humane for our Piper! We adopted her last August when she was 8-weeks-old. She has had a fun summer camping, swimming and even boating. And even though she has chewed 6 pairs of flip flops this summer, we just love her!

Melissa: We adopted Dakota almost 6 years ago and we just wanted to show you what a lifetime commitment looks like. He has 2 canine siblings now along with his human sister and although he’s getting old and slowing down, we will love him until his last day. Thank you for giving us this amazing boy. Entering his golden years now and happy and as loved as he could possibly be. Adoption is for life.

right at home!
Dakota just right at home!


Little miss Gabby, so content in her blanket!
Little miss Gabby, so content in her blanket!

Johanna: We adopted Gabby on June 6th and love having her in our lives! Definitely a spoiled little girl!

Amy (video): Thank you for helping us find Murphy today! His purring on the way home told us we all made the right choice today!

A’mee: Two years ago, we brought handsome Pemba home from Seattle Humane. As you can see, he’s still quite the love! Although he has one less leg than he had when he came home with us (due to cancer), he’s a healthy, active and incredibly affectionate cat. Thank you for all you do!

Looks to be in complete bliss!
Pemba loving on his human companions!



Sarah Breece
Sweet little Zeva enjoying a little site seeing!

Sarah: This is my sweet Zeva that we got from you guys 2.5 years ago. Thank you for the best running partner ever. She’s extremely intelligent and has been a true companion for my husband and myself. When she’s out running, she is in her element. Thanks again. We love her!

Heather: I saw Finnegan on the Seattle Humane website last October and it was love at first sight. The wonderful people at Seattle Humane took this sweet boy in after his leg had been broken and he was surrendered by his owner. Despite being an older gentleman and now a tripod kitty, Finn loves to play with his toys and jump on the windowsill to watch the bunnies outside. He has a big personality and makes us laugh every day! Thank you Seattle Humane for all that you do!

Definitely one kitty who deserves this much love!
Finnegan is definitely one kitty who deserves this much love!


This special pup enjoys the finer things in life!
Joxer enjoys the finer things in life!

Christi: This is my buddy Joxer that I adopted from you guys in April, he was nine pounds at the time and he’s already almost forty now… we love him, and are so thankful he’s a Peek now and will always be one!!


Lauren Michelle Stovall
Handsome Jack watching all the activity at home!

Lauren: We adopted our handsome Jack three years ago and he makes us all so happy! I love when he makes biscuits on my face while I try to sleep, his rough kisses in the morning and how he likes to follow people around the house. He’s such a sweet goofball, he always cracks me up! Our family would not be complete without Jack.


This little kitty couldn't be more content!
Sweet little Fredrick couldn’t be more content!

Brooke: My sweet boy Fredrick Vonn adopted him in October this past year! Fits right into the family!

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