Seattle Humane Society's Walk for the Animals - Mobile
Sept. 22, 2013  |  9am-2pm  |  U Village
Thanks to you, Walk for the Animals raised $120,000 for the animals at Seattle Humane Society. A special thanks to our top fundraisers Jessie Douglas Miller, Maria R. and team Sharks for Barks.



Thank you

Thank you to the nearly 1,000 supporters who joined us on Sunday, September 22. Through your generosity, Seattle Humane Society's 11th annual Walk for the Animals raised $120,000 (and counting!) for the animals in our care.

A special thanks to the top fundraisers

Top Fundraising Team:

  • Sharks for Barks, $4,040

Top Fundraising Individuals not on a team:

  • Jessie Douglas Miller, $3,870
  • Debbie Rutherford, $2,075
  • Karen Wagoner, $1,400

Top Fundraisers Under 17 not on a team:

  • Maria Russinovich, $600
  • Annika Swisstack, $385
  • Sidra Wernil, $240

$1,000+ Individual Fundraisers:
David Lenci, Kat Sanders, Olivia Swasand, Steven Davis, Juliane Ross, Denise Sledge, Anne Fontaine

$750+ Individual Fundraisers:
Leslie Bouton, Michelle Richter, Lindsey Osborn, Michiko Pentz, Joyce Zoldak

$500+ Individual Fundraisers:
Ruth Fjellman, Ariel Weber, Karen Elkin, Jeffrey Love, Sayari Ghosh, Andrew Pfister, Nancy Wagner, Katherine Boury, Kathleen Hunter, Kimberly Reidy, Jennifer Hawes, Pag Hogan, Linda Nangle, Jen Madden, Deb Gregor, Emily Warren, Catherine Smith, Andrea Swisstack, Janette Adamucci, Scott & Karen Brandenburg, Valerie Cronquist, Allison Gubata, Lynne Milnor, Amber Smith, Linda Tonn

There's still time to donate!

Roger the cat
Roger the cat
Misty and Silverlight
Juno the dog


Every dollar counts and supports shelter pets in need. Read their stories or donate now.

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