Spay/Neuter Services

Cats & Dogs

Please use the links below to schedule a spay or neuter appointment for your pet. Pets must be 4 months or older. Questions? Please call (425) 649-7560.

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Male Dog Neuter (0-30 lbs.)
Male Dog Neuter (over 30 lbs.)

Female Dog Spay (0-30 lbs.)
Femal Dog Spay (over 30 lbs.)


Male Cat Neuter
Female Cat Spay

Income qualifications apply (see chart below).

Spay and Neuter Pricing


Female Dogs (0-50 lbs.): $80
Female Dogs (51-80 lbs.): $100
Female Dogs (81+ lbs): $120

Male Dogs (0-50 lbs.): $60
Male Dogs (51-80 lbs.): $80
Male Dogs (81+ lbs.): $100

All Pit Bull Terriers: $50 (Use links above to make an appointment online.)


Female Cats: $40
Male Cats: $25

Mom's Last Litter (Please call Admissions at 425.649.7561 to make an appointment.) 

Cats & Dogs: FREE

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Well Hello There!

We adopted brother and sister cats who love to play, explore, and be loved. They're also great with our grandchildren and have brought a lot of fun to our household.

Proud Parents to Sunny & Pansy