Can't Keep Your Pet?

Seattle Humane understands there are many reasons people are unable to keep their pets. We also know the bond between a person and a pet is strong and it's preferable to find a solution to keep families together. In light of that belief, we work with pet guardians to help find ways to keep their pets, including solutions to common issues like behavior problems or moving.

A common reason people need to rehome an animal is if their pet is displaying undesirable behavior. Many unwanted animal behaviors can be corrected, enabling pets to successfully remain in the family. Before surrendering your animal, please consider other options or training solutions, such as the ones listed on our Pet Advice page.

For more effective ways of working with common behavior issues such as resource guarding, separation anxiety, inappropriate urination/defecation or fearful/aggressive feline behavior, click here for more resources.

The most common reason people surrender their animals is due to moving to a place where they can’t take their pets. Many people consider surrendering because they are unsure how to go about finding pet-friendly housing, how to travel with their pets or how to help them adjust to a new home. Seattle DogSpot has a FREE 53-page e-book available to anyone with an email address. Click here for this e-book on pet friendly housing in your area.

For information about traveling with a pet or helping them adjust to a new home, see our pet advice page or check the pet rental guide from Dumb Friends League here.

Leaving for Deployment
Are you in the military? Going on deployment? Contact Dog on Deployment. This non-profit provides an online network for services members to search for willing volunteers to board their pets (and not just dogs!) during their owner's service commitments.

New Baby
Having a new baby is a momentous and stressful life event for everyone in the household, including your pet! For great tips on successfully integrating your baby into a home with your pet, click here!  

Pet Allergies
To ease allergy suffering, we recommend two simple steps: First, bathe your pet with a product such as Allerpet (a solution you apply to your pet’s coat), which is sold at numerous veterinary clinics. Then follow simple home cleaning procedures, like vacuuming and washing bedding often. Your doctor can also refer you to an allergy specialist.

For more information about training or other solutions for keeping your pet, please call us at (425) 641-0080. We will be happy to assist you or refer you to others who can help.

An appointment is required to surrender your animal. Seattle Humane requires intake appointments so our staff and volunteers can collect medical history and behavior traits about each incoming pet.

To fill out a surrender application online, click one of the links below:

CAT SURRENDER (Please complete a form for each pet.)

DOG SURRENDER (Please complete a form for each pet.)

Questions about the surrender process? Need additional help? Contact our admissions team at (425) 649-7561 or [email protected]

We request a continuing care donation when an animal is admitted to us. The average cost of care for an animal that is brought to Seattle Humane is $570, and while you are not required to make a donation, all donations are greatly appreciated and help to offset a portion of the cost of caring for the thousands of animals we receive each year.

Callback Option

Seattle Humane recognizes the decision to re-home your companion animal can be difficult to make. In an effort to assist people having to make this decision, we've created a callback option. With a minimum of $250 continuing care contribution, you will have the opportunity to come back to reclaim your pet if we are not able to place them up for adoption. Litters under six months of age have a minimum of $300 incoming contribution per litter. 

Well Hello There!

Frida blossomed into a social butterfly. She now loves going to the park and snuggling. She has filled my heart with happiness since adopting her years ago!