The Lexus Fund for Dogs

The Lexus Fund allows Seattle Humane to provide dogs with the extra medical care they need to be healthy, happy and adoptable. The Lexus Fund was started by Jim and Bet Schuler, who started the fund at Tuxes & Tails 2008. The fund is named in memory of their dog, Lexus. See a special Lexus Fund video.

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Funding Urgent Medical Care

The Lexus Fund provides urgent medical care needed to make dogs at Seattle Humane adoptable. Injuries such as a broken leg, an infected cut or a bite wound are conditions that other shelters might consider untreatable. For a few hundred dollars of medical attention, we will be able to rescue and treat these dogs and make them available for adoption.

Success Stories

Oliver, a 9-year-old Mastiff mix, was surrendered to Seattle Humane because his owners were moving and could not take him along. Our veterinarians discovered that Oliver was suffering from severe dental tartar, gingivitis and a painful swelling of the gums. Thanks to the Lexus Fund we were able to perform surgery and Oliver recovered so quickly that he was adopted a few days later!

Mochi, a 4-year-old Shih Tzu mix, was surrendered to Seattle Humane with a swollen and terribly painful eye. Our veterinary staff observed that Mochi's health had been neglected and that his right eye had to be removed. The cost of surgery that Mochi needed would have been a death sentence at many shelters, but thanks to the Lexus Fund, we were able to give Mochi the care he deserved. He is now in a happy home of his own. 


Well Hello There!

We adopted brother and sister cats who love to play, explore, and be loved. They're also great with our grandchildren and have brought a lot of fun to our household.

Proud Parents to Sunny & Pansy