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6 Winter Tips to Keep Fido Safe and Warm

Now that it feels like we’re in the dead of winter here in the PNW, what should you do to keep your dogs happy and active? Whether it’s indoor play or outdoor play, we’re here to save you and your furry babies from being cooped up all winter long.


1. Watch out for stinging and cracked paws!

Image Source: Pet Finder

It’s important that you keep a close eye on those adorable paws during cold and wet months. While winter walks can be crisp and refreshing, cold damp sidewalks and the chemical agents used to defrost our areas is enough to dry out paws, cause discomfort, and lead to cracked, bleeding paws.

To protect your pet’s paws, apply a moderate layer of petroleum jelly or other pet paw protection waxes. This will add a barrier layer between your pet’s paws and the ground. When you’re done with your walk, always spread those furry toes and inspect  paw pads for debris and injuries, as shown below.

Image Source: Daily Mail

If you live in an area with harsher winters, consider purchasing pet booties to keep those adorable furry feet protected and warm!


2. Bring a Towel on Walks

Image Source: Drypet.com

Can’t stay away from nature walks and hikes? Then be sure to bring a towel and water for your pup. On walks, periodically check your dog’s belly and legs to see if they need a quick towel dry. Wet bellies and legs can rapidly decrease body temperature

Also make sure to offer your dog some water in between dry offs. Cold winter months tend to be drier, which will increase their water needs.


3. Keep Your Home Warm and Humidified

Image Source: ifunny.com

ASPCA recommends keeping your home warm and humidified during winter walks. Repeated transitions from the cold to indoor dry heat can be taxing on your dog’s skin (and yours too!). Keeping a humidifier on during cold months will help skin retain some moisture.


4. Hold the Baths!

Image Source: Dogguide.com

Bathe your pets less during the cold seasons to protect their skin. But if your dogs get muddy and dirty playing, it’s still best to bathe them. To keep their coats shiny and their skin moisturized, opt for oatmeal-based shampoos.

For dogs prone to dry skin and skin infections (like Cocker Spaniels), mix 1 part coconut oil to 3 parts shampoo to moisturize and cleanse at the same time. When you wash it off, the coconut oil will partially stay on their skin – leaving them silky and smelling good!


5. Get Them a Coat

Image Source: Blue Willow Dog Coats

Dogs that frequently walk in the cold will benefit from a nice jacket. While a simple fleece layer is enough for many large dogs, those who live in areas with heavier snowfall will also appreciate a significant extra layer. If you’d like to purchase something a little more heavy duty for your dog, check out Blue Willow Dog Coats.


6. Have Fun Indoors!

Image Source: Positively

On days where weather is not cooperating, or where you would like to keep your dog clean, indoor play is an excellent option! Dogwood Play Park and House of Ruff in Seattle, offer canines and their companions a space of play and mingle. While your dogs have fun ruff-housing, you can grab a drink and relax! For the more introverted dog, K9 House of Fun offers a reservable space for solo-play.

Check out our previous rainy day pet tips for more indoor fun ideas!

3 Rainy Day Activities to Keep Fido Happy

Boy is it raining and pouring here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest? While we may enjoy sitting by our fireplace with a hot cup and blankets, our dogs are getting restless.

To prevent destructive or problematic behavior due to canine cabin fever, check out our top 3 rainy day activities for Fido.


1. Indoor Pet Parks

Stay dry, clean, and keep your pups (and you) sane with awesome indoor play options. Our list of spaces cater to every furry and human personality – from introverted to social – no one is left out!

Dogwood Play Park

Visit Dogwood Play Park in Seattle for a win-win experience. It is the only location in Seattle that combines a low-key bar with an indoor dog park. Dogs are free to play, socialize, and burn energy as their human companions sip on their favorite drink. But do note that this location is 21+.

Image Source / Dogwood Play Park
Image Source / Dogwood Play Park

If you’d prefer an indoor option for the whole family, then visit one of Seattle’s two other indoor dog parks.

House of Ruff

House of Ruff offers a fun and diverse space. There is a main play area where people of all ages can exercise and socialize their dogs and have some good old ruff fun! If you’re itching for a cold beer, cider, or a glass of wine, they also provide a 21+ lounge for pet parents.

House of Ruff requires a meet & greet before you can bring your pet here, but upon passing the test, Fido will immediately be allowed in. Learn more here!

Image Source / House of Ruff
Image Source / House of Ruff
K9 Fun Zone

For the introverted canine who prefers human companionship, K9 House of Fun offers a space by reservation. This location is unique because it offers you full access to their space without having to manage your dog’s behavior around other pups. Your furry friend will feel like a king in his own castle.

Image Source / K9 Fun Zone
Image Source / K9 Fun Zone


2. Arm your Home with Activities

Reinforce your home with time-consuming pet activities as if a canine purge is coming for you. On those torrential rainstorms, clear out hallways or large spaces for indoor fetch. Keep launching those balls for at least 30 minutes for an exhausted pooch.

Image Source / Dogtime.com
Image Source / Dogtime.com

If your pooch prefers interactive play, fret not! We have solutions. Get your pups riled up to run laps up and down stairs if you have them. Or, grab a rope toy and engage him in tug-of-war until you’re both wiped out. For senior or food-motivated pets, load up a Kong with peanut butter (make sure it’s not sweetened with xylitol!) and watch them exercise their jaws into exhaustion.

Image Source / Kong Company


3. Get wet, and then dry again.

Can’t stay away from gorgeous Washingtonian nature? Then go ahead and take your pooch out on rainy days. You can keep them partially dry by purchasing a doggy raincoat such as this one from PETBABA.

Image Source / Breeding Business
Image Source / Breeding Business

Or if your dog can handle the damp, then go let him run wild and free in the rain. Just be sure to dry Fido off properly once you return home. Pay special attention to drying the inside of floppy ears. And always spread those adorable paws to check for lodged in debris and mud.

For the wet dog that comes home reeking of… well… wet dog. Take a dryer sheet, lightly rub it on their coat, and towel dry them. But remember this is a temporary solution! Make sure to thoroughly bathe them and remove knotted hair after two rainy day outings. This keeps your dog feeling fresh and prevents ear and skin yeast infections.

Image Source / Dry Pet
Image Source / Dry Pet