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Go Green!

Meet Obi, a 1-year-old Australian Cattle Dog/Shepherd mix who can't wait to charm your pants off!
Obi was adopted in April 2015!

With the 45th anniversary of Earth Day this Wednesday, we thought we could do our part by sharing some green pet care tips! Below are 5 ways that you can go green to help the environment and our furry four-legged friends.

1. Spot On

Should your furry friend leave a little mess on the floor, don’t reach for the bleach. Use vinegar instead. This environment-friendly liquid can act as an effective odor-remover and can kill mold and bacteria. Please keep in mind, though, that vinegar must be diluted correctly with water.

2. Make Pet Toys Out of Recyclable Materials

Instead of going out and buying new toys for your pet, get in touch with your creative side and craft your own. Using recyclable household materials such as old tennis balls, rope and socks, you can create a myriad of toys for your pets that can keep then entertained for hours. If your dog enjoys crinkly toys, try putting an empty plastic water bottle inside of an old sock – it’s sure to be a hit! Or if your cat loves cat nip (which what cat doesn’t?!) place cat nip inside of paper bag and it will keep your pet entertained for hours!

3. Bulk Up

Buy pet supplies in bulk or the largest available size. You’ll make fewer trips to the store and cut down on packaging to discard of. As an added bonus, it might even save you some money. Buying bulk food often times costs less!

Meet little Bear, a 4-year-old Miniature Dachshund mix who's full of spunk!
Bear was adopted in April 2015!

4. Grow Your Own Catnip

Your cat will love you for growing your own catnip! Just like humans, our pets deserve to eat the most natural, organic, and healthy foods. A green and low cost alternative to buying catnip, by growing your own your cat will be spared from pesticides or other potentially harmful chemicals or additives.

5. Adopt

Looking to add another pet to the family? Then adoption is the way to go! Not only is rescuing a pet from life in a shelter a great cause, it is also a great way to help the environment. Adoption is in essence recycling a pet that was at one time unwanted and will now be given a home. An inexpensive way to become a pet owner, adoption is a great way to go green while saving green.

If it’s the right time for you and your family to adopt, then come into Seattle Humane and adopt a hybrid! We have a lot of mixed breed dogs available for adoption! Come into SHS now through April 22nd, and you’ll receive $45 off all mixed breed dogs one year and up! Go green with Seattle Humane — adopt, don’t shop!

This curious little fellow is BJ, a 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix who's curious and playful.
This curious little fellow is BJ, a 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix who’s curious and playful.

Happy Tails from Adopters!

Dear Seattle Humane,

We wanted to tell you how our two precious pets are doing. Nina, our torbie girl, was adopted from SHS during Catapalooza 2012 and quickly became the center of attention in our home. Before coming to us, she spent time in a loving foster home where she was nursed back to health after having a rough start in life. We are so grateful to that foster mom! Nina is wildly entertaining and she loves to sleep under the covers at night. Tali, our blue-eyed, black Lab mix was adopted in the Spring of 2013. She was a transfer from another shelter that wasn’t able to treat the ringworm infection she had. Luckily SHS was there to help and after a few weeks of treatment, Tali was adopted by us. We also appreciate all the work that went into treating her! Tali and Nina are BFFs, but we’ve decided to adopt another kitty from SHS very soon! We hope to be able to adopt a new kitty (preferably one with special needs) and we know just where to go!

Our two SHS alums fill our home with so much joy and love; thank you so much!

~Sara Janecke and Rob Foppiano