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Register Now for Seattle Humane’s Animal Adventure Day Camp!

Week 7 Day 1 004Calling all critter-loving kiddos! The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here – summer camp registration begins today! Don’t miss this awesome opportunity for your child to spend a fun-filled week at the shelter learning about animals, how to care for them and so much more.

If you love animals of all kinds, you won’t want to miss this! There’s so much to love about Seattle Humane’s Animal Week 4 Day 4 012Adventures Day Camp, but probably one of the best parts is visiting with a variety of animals. You’ll get the chance to visit with several pets such as dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, horses, reptiles and many more! What’s more fun than getting to hang out with all of those animals?! In the past we’ve also had special guest speakers from the Woodland Park Zoo, therapy horses, and rescue dogs. Those speakers come in and tell us a little about what they do – and of course, they bring special animal friends as well!

Week 5 Day 2 003Although visiting with all the pets might be the highlight for some, we’ve got so much more to offer! You’ll also be able to gets on hands-on pet training experience and learn how to read animal language.

While at day camp, you’ll also be able to witness and help with daily staff routines. In the mornings, you’ll be able to assist with the care of our animals, feeding and socializing with the cats in our Adoption Lobby along with caring for our dogs by making them a comfy blanket bed in their kennels. You can also be a huge help to our Marketing Department by taking pictures of our harder-to-place pets and writing a super-star description to help get them adopted into a loving home!Week 5 Day 3 004

Week 7 Day 2 045There’s so much to love about Seattle Humane’s Animal Adventures Day Camp. Sign up now to be indulged in a week of fun games, crafts and a lot of animals!

If you have any questions regarding camp, please contact us at (425) 373-5858, or email [email protected]


Family Philanthropy

Great things happen every day at Seattle Humane Society but we can’t take all the credit. Our life-saving work depends on support from the community – generous donors, dedicated volunteers and animal-loving children. Yes, children. They are often the best champions of pets in need, involving their family and friends in the effort to save lives.

Gillian raised $626 selling custom-made12th Fan Bands.
Gillian raised $626 selling custom-made 12th Fan Bands.

At Seattle Humane, we’re lucky to have a few of these young advocates on our team. Like Gillian, a crafty entrepreneur who channeled her creativity into a life-saving enterprise. She started out with a lemonade stand and later developed her own company called Spritzers. Her company sells scented hair and lip balm products to support animals at local shelters.

Last January, in the spirit of team rivalry, Gillian and a friend stood outside CenturyLink stadium and sold handcrafted “Fan Bands” at the Seahawks vs. 49ers game. For a suggested donation of $12, you could have a custom-made bracelet sporting the Hawks’ blue and green. The 12th Man didn’t disappoint and Gillian raised $626 for Seattle Humane!

Lizzie visiting her first foster kitty.
Lizzie visiting her first foster kitty.

Lizzie, an aspiring writer and self-proclaimed cat fanatic, generously donated her time to write foster features for special-needs cats. Her skills as a writer will help highlight these cats in hopes of finding them the purrfect home. Stay tuned for a look at her first blog post!

Our youngest contributor, Jack, is in the second grade and he’s a part of The Giraffe Club. The Giraffe Club is about sticking your neck out in the community to make a difference, and he chose Seattle Humane to benefit from his school project. He utilized our online fundraising tool, People Helping Pets, and raised nearly $800 to provide food, shelter and medical care for homeless animals.

Jack visiting cats at Seattle Humane.
Jack visiting cats at Seattle Humane.

It’s important to mention that these young philanthropists range in age from 8-11 years old. Their empathy and call-to-action are not only noteworthy but contagious! They’re inspiring other young people to get involved, and we’re finding that more and more families are choosing to support shelter pets together. Saving lives can be a new family tradition!



How can kids and teens help?

Sign up for Humane Teen Club (Teens 13-17)
A selected group of teens ages 13-17 can volunteer time as a Humane Teen Club member. Learn more!

Host a Pet Food Drive
Donations of pet food, supplies, toys and cat litter are always needed. Many of these items are distributed to low-income senior and/or disabled pet owners through our community outreach programs.

Knit Blankets for Cats Awaiting Adoption
All of the cats in our care receive a blanket or towel to make their space more comfortable. The cats especially love knit blankets. This is a great way to learn a new skill or practice an old one, and benefit the pets on our campus.

Make Catnip Toys for Our Fabulous Felines
Catnip-filled socks make wonderful toys! All you need are baby socks, cotton balls, dried catnip and a needle and thread. Take a baby sock and fill it with cotton balls and catnip in the center. Then sew off the top of the sock and clip any loose threads. You’re done!

Coordinate a Coin Drive
Collect coins from family, friends and neighbors or monitor a coin collection at a business or your school. When the can is full, bring it to Seattle Humane.

Host a Fundraiser of Your Choice
Hold bake sales, yard sales, craft sales, participate in walk-a-thons (like our Walk for the Animals), and much more! Feel free to use your imagination to come up with a fundraising idea. Our online fundraising website, People Helping Pets, can also help you raise funds at your event.