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Find Your Purrfect Match Today!

12047120_10205306962739223_766023888903585641_nHere at Seattle Humane, we are all about saving lives and completing families. We want to be sure that each adopter who walks through our door is matched with the appropriate pet to fit their lifestyle. To ensure this, we go through a thorough match making process with each adoptive parent. It’s our goal to match you with the purrfect pet in hopes of building a lifelong relationship.

  1. When you first arrive at Seattle Humane you’ll be greeted with a friendly “hello!” from our volunteers and staff. Shortly after, we’ll jump right into “which furry friend brought you in today?”
  2. Depending on your interest, we will either show you where our cats hang out or we will take you outside to visit with our pups.
  3. If you don’t have a specific interest in one of the animals yet, that’s when the real fun begins!
  4. At this time we give you the opportunity to fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire form that tells us a little more about you and your lifestyle. The questions help us determine which pet will fit into your family best.
  5. Once all of the forms are filled out you will meet with one of our Adoption Advisors to go over what you are looking for in a furry friend of your own. Here we will cover everything to ensure we have the proper information to find your purrfect match – after all, we wouldn’t be a good match maker if we didn’t have all the necessary information!
  6. Now it’s your turn to have the fun! We will either show you to our kitty rooms or take you out to visit the dogs. It’s time to see if those spark fly! Really get to know your furry friend, this is your time – don’t feel rushed! Sometimes we just know our perfect match when we see them, but other times it might take a little extra time. Take your time, enjoy the process.
  7. Once you’ve found your match we can get the paperwork started!
  8. All of our cats will need to leave with a carrier and all of our dogs will need a leash and a collar. Don’t stress if you haven’t gotten these items, we have them here for purchase! We even have dog and cat starter kits to ensure that this process is as painless as possible. There’s no need to stop by the pet store on the way home, you can just go home to enjoy the afternoon with Fido!
  9. We provide you with all of the pet’s original paperwork, a free vet visit, 30 days of Trupanion pet health insurance, a 6-week training class for dogs and plenty of coupons and pet advice handouts to start you off on the right paw!
  10. Now is the time you get to do the happy dance out the door with your new family member.
  11. To ensure your adoption is still going great, we will follow up with a phone call or an email within the month. If you have any questions or concerns, we always welcome an email or a phone call – we want to provide you with all the necessary tools for success with your new furry friend.

IMG_6142What are you waiting for? Come into Seattle Humane to find your purrfect match today!

Big Love in Small Packages

Meet Bug, a 1-year-old mouse at Seattle Humane!
Meet Bug, a 1-year-old mouse at Seattle Humane!

Thinking about adding a new furry friend to your family but want to start small? Or perhaps you’ve never considered a critter such as a rabbit, guinea pig or hamster because they don’t seem to have the personalities of dogs and cats? We’re here to dispel some common critter myths and offer some fun insights as to why big love really can come in a small pet package!

Myth #1: Small animals are boring. Not so! Critters – in particular, rabbits, guinea pigs and even rats – are highly social animals. They thrive when they have a friend to spend part of the day with – whether that is you, their caretaker, or a fellow critter. Often a rabbit will do a kind of “happy dance,” which involves jumping, twisting and turning in the air.

Myth #2: Small animals aren’t as intelligent, and I can’t interact with them as much. Many critters, in addition to being highly sociable, are bright and curious! Rabbits can even be clicker-trained and rewarded with small, healthy treats. Guinea pigs have even been known to recognize the sound of vegetables being chopped or a refrigerator door being opened and can become quite vocal and excited.

Meet Coco at our Critter Corner!
Meet Coco at our Critter Corner!

Myth #3: My child will not learn as much about animal care from a small animal as they would with a dog or cat. We think critters make excellent “starter” pets when introducing the younger members of your family to the responsibilities of animal care. Because critters are generally less hands-on maintenance than a dog or cat, they can be an easier entry into pet care. For instance, critters can be more easily contained. Perhaps your child isn’t ready to start walking the family dog, but they can learn the responsibilities of safe handling, feeding and cleaning of a pet while inside the home. In addition, the healthy and balanced diets that most critters enjoy is a great way to teach your kids about fruits and veggies!

The Brain is a tiny 5-month-old mouse, eagerly awaiting tasty treats and a best friend!
The Brain is a tiny 5-month-old mouse, eagerly awaiting tasty treats and a best friend!

Myth #4: Aren’t all critters dirty and smelly? Actually most small animals are very clean and neat, and spend a good portion of their day grooming themselves. It is important to always provide your small animal with clean bedding and habitats. Rabbits can even be litter box-trained, and hamsters never need baths!

Given their unique and individual personalities, sociability and intelligence, and overall cuteness in a tiny package, these are some of the reasons we think critters can make excellent pets! We have many critters available for adoption – come meet your match at Seattle Humane today!