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3 Rainy Day Activities to Keep Fido Happy

Boy is it raining and pouring here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest? While we may enjoy sitting by our fireplace with a hot cup and blankets, our dogs are getting restless.

To prevent destructive or problematic behavior due to canine cabin fever, check out our top 3 rainy day activities for Fido.


1. Indoor Pet Parks

Stay dry, clean, and keep your pups (and you) sane with awesome indoor play options. Our list of spaces cater to every furry and human personality – from introverted to social – no one is left out!

Dogwood Play Park

Visit Dogwood Play Park in Seattle for a win-win experience. It is the only location in Seattle that combines a low-key bar with an indoor dog park. Dogs are free to play, socialize, and burn energy as their human companions sip on their favorite drink. But do note that this location is 21+.

Image Source / Dogwood Play Park
Image Source / Dogwood Play Park

If you’d prefer an indoor option for the whole family, then visit one of Seattle’s two other indoor dog parks.

House of Ruff

House of Ruff offers a fun and diverse space. There is a main play area where people of all ages can exercise and socialize their dogs and have some good old ruff fun! If you’re itching for a cold beer, cider, or a glass of wine, they also provide a 21+ lounge for pet parents.

House of Ruff requires a meet & greet before you can bring your pet here, but upon passing the test, Fido will immediately be allowed in. Learn more here!

Image Source / House of Ruff
Image Source / House of Ruff
K9 Fun Zone

For the introverted canine who prefers human companionship, K9 House of Fun offers a space by reservation. This location is unique because it offers you full access to their space without having to manage your dog’s behavior around other pups. Your furry friend will feel like a king in his own castle.

Image Source / K9 Fun Zone
Image Source / K9 Fun Zone


2. Arm your Home with Activities

Reinforce your home with time-consuming pet activities as if a canine purge is coming for you. On those torrential rainstorms, clear out hallways or large spaces for indoor fetch. Keep launching those balls for at least 30 minutes for an exhausted pooch.

Image Source /
Image Source /

If your pooch prefers interactive play, fret not! We have solutions. Get your pups riled up to run laps up and down stairs if you have them. Or, grab a rope toy and engage him in tug-of-war until you’re both wiped out. For senior or food-motivated pets, load up a Kong with peanut butter (make sure it’s not sweetened with xylitol!) and watch them exercise their jaws into exhaustion.

Image Source / Kong Company


3. Get wet, and then dry again.

Can’t stay away from gorgeous Washingtonian nature? Then go ahead and take your pooch out on rainy days. You can keep them partially dry by purchasing a doggy raincoat such as this one from PETBABA.

Image Source / Breeding Business
Image Source / Breeding Business

Or if your dog can handle the damp, then go let him run wild and free in the rain. Just be sure to dry Fido off properly once you return home. Pay special attention to drying the inside of floppy ears. And always spread those adorable paws to check for lodged in debris and mud.

For the wet dog that comes home reeking of… well… wet dog. Take a dryer sheet, lightly rub it on their coat, and towel dry them. But remember this is a temporary solution! Make sure to thoroughly bathe them and remove knotted hair after two rainy day outings. This keeps your dog feeling fresh and prevents ear and skin yeast infections.

Image Source / Dry Pet
Image Source / Dry Pet


7 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s a time of excitement for kids and families alike. But don’t forget your furry animals in the hustle and bustle of trick-or-treating! Here are 7 pet tips to keep your furry babies safe, happy, and calm during your festivities:


1. Separate Trick-or-Treaters and Pets.

Image Source
Image Source

Unless your furry friend is social and used to greeting or accompanying trick-or-treaters, most pets must be confined in a separate room during festivities. This will provide skittish animals a sanctuary away from the commotion. Reserving a special space for your pets will also guard against pet loss during busy times.


2. Keep Collars and ID Tags on Your Pets.

lost dog tag
Image Source

Even at home, pets can dart out the door if stressed. Keeping collars and ID tags on your pets will greatly increase the chances of a successful reunion. If your pet has a microchip, be sure to update your information online.


3. Sorry Fido, No Halloween Treats for You.

Image Source
Image Source

Your Halloween bucket is more trick than treat to your furry family members. Candy can cause serious digestive issues and chocolate can be fatal to animals. Even candy wrappers can be a choking and digestive threat! So be sure to keep all candy out of your pet’s reach.


4. Blow Those Candles Out!

Image from Ball Walk Park
Image Source

Who doesn’t love a cool jack-o-lantern? For many families, ghoulish candle-lit pumpkins are a no-compromise on Halloween. But be careful, never leave pets around open flames! Curious and playful pets could hurt and burn themselves on candle flames. Even if your candles are confined in a jack-o-lantern, never leave animals unattended with a lit pumpkin.

For a low-stress and minimally supervised Halloween, try out flame-less tea candles!


5. Do Not Leave Your Pets Outside.

Image by Baltimore Locksmith Services
Image Source

Depending on your neighborhood, Halloween festivities can get boisterious. Keep your pets calm by bringing them inside before the festivities begin. The noise, commotion, and costumes are enough to cause serious stress in sensitive and easily-spooked pets. Do not leave pets unsupervised in your yard during the festivities – this is a recipe for lost and unhappy pets.


6. To Costume, Or Not To Costume?

Image Source:
Image Source

While we all love a dressed up pet, consider a costume for your pet only if you know he/she tolerates it well. Make sure the costume isn’t annoying, unsafe, or restrictive. Your pet should never have his or her movement, breathing, barking, hearing, or vision restricted or blocked by clothing. Also avoid costumes will small or dangling accessories, as these can be serious choking hazards.


7. Know Your Emergency Procedures.

Image Source
Image Source

In case your furry burglar breaks into a bag of chocolate or xylitol-sweetened candy. Know the nearest all-hours emergency animal hospital.

Contact the ASPCA Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435 for immediate help.



Find Your Purrfect Match Today!

12047120_10205306962739223_766023888903585641_nHere at Seattle Humane, we are all about saving lives and completing families. We want to be sure that each adopter who walks through our door is matched with the appropriate pet to fit their lifestyle. To ensure this, we go through a thorough match making process with each adoptive parent. It’s our goal to match you with the purrfect pet in hopes of building a lifelong relationship.

  1. When you first arrive at Seattle Humane you’ll be greeted with a friendly “hello!” from our volunteers and staff. Shortly after, we’ll jump right into “which furry friend brought you in today?”
  2. Depending on your interest, we will either show you where our cats hang out or we will take you outside to visit with our pups.
  3. If you don’t have a specific interest in one of the animals yet, that’s when the real fun begins!
  4. At this time we give you the opportunity to fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire form that tells us a little more about you and your lifestyle. The questions help us determine which pet will fit into your family best.
  5. Once all of the forms are filled out you will meet with one of our Adoption Advisors to go over what you are looking for in a furry friend of your own. Here we will cover everything to ensure we have the proper information to find your purrfect match – after all, we wouldn’t be a good match maker if we didn’t have all the necessary information!
  6. Now it’s your turn to have the fun! We will either show you to our kitty rooms or take you out to visit the dogs. It’s time to see if those spark fly! Really get to know your furry friend, this is your time – don’t feel rushed! Sometimes we just know our perfect match when we see them, but other times it might take a little extra time. Take your time, enjoy the process.
  7. Once you’ve found your match we can get the paperwork started!
  8. All of our cats will need to leave with a carrier and all of our dogs will need a leash and a collar. Don’t stress if you haven’t gotten these items, we have them here for purchase! We even have dog and cat starter kits to ensure that this process is as painless as possible. There’s no need to stop by the pet store on the way home, you can just go home to enjoy the afternoon with Fido!
  9. We provide you with all of the pet’s original paperwork, a free vet visit, 30 days of Trupanion pet health insurance, a 6-week training class for dogs and plenty of coupons and pet advice handouts to start you off on the right paw!
  10. Now is the time you get to do the happy dance out the door with your new family member.
  11. To ensure your adoption is still going great, we will follow up with a phone call or an email within the month. If you have any questions or concerns, we always welcome an email or a phone call – we want to provide you with all the necessary tools for success with your new furry friend.

IMG_6142What are you waiting for? Come into Seattle Humane to find your purrfect match today!

Get Outside and Exercise!

stay fit and healthyRunning or walking with your dog can keep you motivated to stay on track and get healthy together. Daily exercise sessions can benefit you and furry companion – and you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a gym membership.

Exercise needs vary depending on the breed, age and individual traits of the dog. Check with your dog’s veterinarian before starting an exercise program. Your vet can check your dog for any health issues that may be aggravated by exercise and suggest safe activities.

Increasing your pet’s daily activity will allow them to burn more calories each day. Exercising can be easier to achieve in a dog you can walk and run versus a cat who requires coaxing to move, however, there are many interesting interactive cat toys available to improve activity. A laser-pointer session or wiggling around a shoe string might be a perfect way to get your cat on the move.

Benefits of Exercise

    • Taking your dog for 30-minute walks once or twice a day is a great way to stay healthy. Also, jogging, swimming and playing at the dog park are all great ways to burn excess energy.
    • Sufficient exercise helps reduce or eliminate common behaviors such as digging, excessive barking, chewing and hyperactivity. Dogs need physical and mental stimulation each day.
    • Exercise helps prevent boredom and channels the dog’s energy in a productive and acceptable way.


Looking for ways to exercise and help animals in need? We’ve got you covered!

Seattle Humane’s 13th annual Walk for the Animals is coming up on October 18. This year we’ve changed our location to the beautiful and scenic Green Lake, enjoy a 2.8-mile walk around the lake with your furry friend. Register now and start fundraising to provide food, shelter and veterinary care for orphaned pets in our community.

Love to run, bike, or swim AND love animals?

Come learn about Seattle Humane’s Charity Athlete Program, a fun way for animal lovers to raise funds for the pets in our care through participation in any athletic race or personal challenge including the Seattle Marathon (Full and Half) on Nov. 29! By joining the Charity Athlete team you can race knowing you are saving lives in the process. Charity Athletes get exclusive discounts on registration, a sports-performance shirt, T-shirts for your Cheer Squad, Yappy Hour with the team (think Happy Hour but with dogs!), and more! Grab a friend and head to Seattle Humane on Sept. 22 at 5 p.m. for an hour-long info session on Charity Athlete and special information on the Full and Half Seattle Marathon.

Please RSVP to [email protected].

BARK to School

Our warm weather might still say summer, but it’s time to get back to school. If summer is still on your mind and you haven’t quite finished all of your back to school shopping yet, we’ve got some things for you to keep in mind.

Did you know you can help support Seattle Humane with your back to school shopping? Below are several ways to help the animals by simply checking off the items on your list.

Fred Meyer’s Community Rewards – Sign up for Fred Meyer’s Community Rewards program and every time you use your Rewards Card a donation will be made to Seattle Humane! You’ll still earn your rewards points, fuel points, and rebates, just as you normally do. For more information visit and link your card to “Seattle Humane.”

AmazonSmile – You shop – Amazon gives! Sign up for AmazonSmile and they’ll donate 0.5% of your purchases to Seattle Humane when you select us to be your preferred charity. Learn more at:

Bartell Drugs eScrip – Before you swing by Bartell Drugs to pick up hand sanitizer and that handy headache medicine, be sure to sign up for their “B” Caring Card! You get the medicine cabinet staples you need, and Seattle Humane receives 4% back.

YourBuyGives – YourBuyGives works with leading online stores like Groupon, Expedia, Kohl’s and more that will donate a percentage of every online purchase to Seattle Humane. A great way to support your favorite cause at no cost to you. Participating stores will also provide exclusive discounts to you as well. A win-win!

Step 1: Go to Seattle Humane webpage
Step 2: Click though to the website you would like to shop
Step 3: A percentage of your purchase will be donated to the pets in our care!

Shelter Pups – Just in time for new students heading to college – give them a replica of your precious pet for them to have always! When you order an adorable custom pup or kitty made from natural wool, 15% of each sale benefits the homeless pets in our care! Just be sure to click here when accessing the site to maximize your gift to help pets in need.

Seattle Humane Wishlist – While you’re out shopping, pick up a bag of food for our Pet Food Bank like cans of Friskies for our cats, or visit our Amazon Wishlist. Then head to Seattle Humane to deliver and visit with the animals. It’s the perfect way to calm some of those back to school jitters!

AND don’t forget about your furry friends too! Our pets can get the back to school blues when the family heads back to school and work after a long summer with everyone. Here are some tips to help with the transition of getting everyone in the family back on a regular school schedule.

  • Give your pet a treat every time you leave to help them develop positive associations with being alone.
  • Keep your departures and returns quiet and low-key so as not to arouse any alarm unduly. Leave a familiar blanket or one of your T-shirts with your pet. Your smell will help soothe them. Ask your kids to spend quality time with the family pet after school – a walk around the block, a game of fetch in the yard.
  • Puzzle treats entertain longer – Keep them stimulated with physical and mental workouts. Hiding treats around the home can keep a dog or cat busy for hours. Stuffed Kong’s are also great entertainment for dogs and some cats love to find a paper bag lying open on the floor (sprinkle cat nip inside)!
  • Consider hiring an occasional dog walker or bringing your pooch to a doggie-daycare a few times a week to break up their day. This can help alleviate boredom and provide your pet with exercise.
  • Don’t scold or punish your pet for bad behavior when you come home. It may make your pet more anxious and make situations worse.
  • Try to avoid making additional changes if you can help it – don’t change their diet at this time for example. Keep exercise consistent and set aside a designated time each evening to give your pet one on one attention.