Adoption Process

Our goal is to match adopters with an animal companion who fits their lifestyle. Learn more about the adoption process. 

Adoption Fees

Adoption fees help provide medical care, training, food, and shelter to the animals. When you adopt from Seattle Humane, you receive more than $570 of services included in your pet's adoption fee. See our adoption promotions!

Our most popular pets have higher adoption fees in order to support other animals who need specialized medical care or training to be adopted into a loving home. 

Click here to learn more about the adoption process. 

Dog Adoption Fees
  Puppies under 6 months Dogs 6+ months and over 25 lbs Dogs 6+ months and under 25 lbs
Dogs $350 $199 $275
Cat Adoption Fees
  1 year+ Two adult cats Kittens under 6 months Two kittens Kittens 6 months - 1 year
Cats $25 $40 $125 $200 $80

Critter Adoption Fees

  Rabbits Guinea Pigs Rats, Mice, Gerbils & Hamsters
Critters $45 $15 $5-10





    Well Hello There!

    Chunk and his new brother Kernel are getting along greatly now. They love to play! Chunk is a love bug and wants cuddles all the time, which I just adore. 

    Chunk & Kernel's New Family