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Happy Tails

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Grizzly and Cozy: A Dynamic Duo

Cozy the dogGrizzly and Cozy, two 6-year-old purebred Akita siblings, were surrendered to Seattle Humane in July 2011 when their owner had to move and could not take his furry friends along. We wanted to keep this bonded pair together. Weighing more than 100 pounds each, this brother-sister duo needed an adopter who understood Akitas and had a home big enough for them! One month later, a man spotted Grizzly and Cozy on our website and came to meet them. They were a perfect match! These fuzzy siblings now enjoy one acre of land and a loving home in Port Townsend.


Angel: Match Made in Heaven

Angel the catAngel, a 10-year-old pure white kitty, was brought to Seattle Humane when her owner fell ill and could no longer care for her. Having lost all she had ever known, Angel was understandably unsure of her new surroundings and shied away from affection. Angel’s shyness did not endear her to potential adopters, but we knew from her foster parents that Angel just needed time to come out of her shell. In a home environment, she’s a loving lap cat who adores affection. In October 2011, after nearly two years in our care, Angel’s new family finally found her. A couple came to the shelter and visited with Angel in one of our kitty condos. After falling in love with Angel’s sweet demeanor and her story, they took her home where she will be adored throughout her golden years.

Dandelion's Story

Dandelion the bunnyDandelion, an adult short hair bunny, was found abandoned in a store parking lot, scared and alone. A Good Samaritan brought her to safety at the Seattle Humane Society because he knew that we would give her the care she needed.

Bunnies make wonderful family pets and live long, happy lives with proper care and diet. During her intake exam, it became apparent to our veterinary team that Dandelion’s health had been neglected by her previous owners. Because she had not received a proper bunny diet, her urine had become very acidic and caused a series of burns all over her fur.

Dandelion received the extra care and attention she needed in a loving volunteer foster home. With plenty of vegetables, Timothy hay, pellets, and fresh water, Dandelion began to feel more like herself. Her beautiful, soft fur grew back in and she was adopted by a true bunny-loving family two months later.



Mattie Meets Her Match

MattieMattie, a 14-year-old Australian Shepherd mix, was surrendered to the Seattle Humane Society when her owners could no longer give her the care she needed. For nearly one year we diligently searched for the right home for Mattie. With one blue eye and one brown, and a gorgeous spotted coat, Mattie’s good looks attracted lots of attention, but she was passed over for younger pets time and time again.

We are so happy to share that this fall, Mattie finally met her match. She was adopted by an adoring woman who writes, “After I lost two of my four-legged friends earlier this year… I came to the decision that because I’m a senior citizen, I would adopt senior citizen dogs for as many years as I could. When you adopt an older dog you don’t have to train them; they have usually mellowed with age and they just want to be loved and cared for. Seattle Humane’s staff treated me very well and my promise to all of you is that I will take care of Mattie forever.”

Grinstein Fund for Cats: Mineli’s Story

MineliMineli, a 5-year-old tuxedo kitty, was surrendered to Seattle Humane when her owners could not afford to give her the medical care she needed. Upon examination our veterinary staff discovered that Mineli was hurt; her jaw was broken and needed to be repaired right away.

Thanks to the Keith D. Grinstein Fund for cats, we don’t turn away kitties like Mineli who need a little extra help to be adoptable. We performed surgery immediately, putting a wire in place to repair Mineli’s jaw. She recovered well and the wire was eventually removed, leaving Mineli a happy and healthy kitty. She was adopted just three months later and is now part of a happy home of her own.

Make a donation to the Grinstein fund for shelter cats today and help us continue to give good cats like Mineli a second chance. Please write “Grinstein” on your check or visit for more information.


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