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Seattle Humane Volunteers Step up for Puppy Mill Dogs

June 2009
Thanks to our incredible volunteers and dedicated staff, more than a hundred dogs rescued from a notorious puppy mill are well on their way to a new life.

Puppy mill dogs on MaxmobileTwo weeks ago, the Seattle Humane Society responded to a distress call from Kennewick, WA. In one of the country's largest puppy mill busts to date, more than 400 miniature American Eskimo dogs were found living in shopping carts, wooden crates, and other makeshift kennels caked with feces and soaked with urine.

See the photo album of MaxMobile's arrival

Thanks to the efforts of several shelters all the dogs are receiving care. Here at Seattle Humane, the 90 dogs that made the journey across the Cascades have all undergone medical examinations and behavioral evaluations, and 14 puppies have been born!

The shelter sent out a call for foster parents even before the MaxMobile returned to Seattle, and the response was fantastic! 140 families stepped up to help care for the dogs. On arrival at Seattle Humane, each dog had a medical checkup and a behavioral assessment. Sixty of the dogs were able to go immediately to foster homes and experience human warmth and companionship for the first time in their lives. We anticipate that some of these dogs will be ready for adoption within the next few days.

For the 30 dogs that remain at the shelter and require more remedial behavioral intervention Seattle Humane Society Behavior Program Manager, Emily Keegans explains that the socialization process will proceed more gradually.

"Right now, we have some of our most experienced volunteers literally going in and sitting near the dogs in the kennels,"says Keegans, "just to get them used to the idea of a human presence." The good news is that the dogs are already showing a lot of progress, and Keegans is optimistic that many will soon be placed with foster families.

If you are interested in adopting one of the American Eskimos, keep an eye on our dog adoption page, where you can see their individual profiles.

And don't forget, you can always donate to help the Seattle Humane Society save even more orphaned and needy animals' lives and give them the safe shelter they deserve. You can select "Puppy Mill Rescue" if you would like to restrict your gift to help the dogs.

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