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Essential Care

Each pet adopted from Seattle Humane, on average, receives more than $520 in services and care. See a list of what's included with every adoption.

Cost of Care - Cat           Cost of Care - dog

Foster Care

Foster families play a pivotal role in Seattle Humane's mission to save the life of every adoptable animal. Our foster volunteers provide special home care to animals who are too young for adoption, for shelter guests who need special training to help them thrive in their new home, to pets who need nursing care to recover from some illness or surgery, or for animals who have been with us for a while and need a vacation in a loving home.

Behavior Rehabilition

Every dog at Seattle Humane receives a behavior assessment, which helps us to determine what type of home environment will make the best match for each dog's personality. It also helps determine what type of training will benefit each dog most while she is in our care. When extra TLC is needed, our Behavior Program and its volunteers provide comfort and training to help make every possible pet find a home.

Socialization Program

Volunteers spend quality time with our canine and feline shelter guests each day. The dogs may get a special walk to practice basic training like "sit," "down," and "stay." Or they may get play time in a play yard that often ends in cuddle time. The kitties are brushed and given exercise when they chase feather toys on strings.

Special Medical Care

Thanks to our Lexus Fund and Grinstein Fund, we also provide the extra medical attention needed to make dogs and cats healthy and adoptable. These funds provide a second chance to animals that other shelters might consider untreatable by providing support to heal injuries and medical cases from a broken leg or infected cut or more complex surgeries such as bladder stones.

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